Kingdom ‘Hook-on System’ was originally designed for installer to use on medium and high rise buildings. On a like for like basis the system appears to be more expensive than traditional bracket and ‘T’ rail. However when all the benefits are weighed up it clearly demonstrates its potential and superiority.

The system is a pressure equalised and back ventilated. Panels can be installed at any point on the building, moving up, down, sideways and even diagonally without issue. Where buildings have access anchored to the building, such as scaffold or mast climbers, missing panels can be easily installed without any detrimental effect to panels around it. Alignment is simple and can be achieved without removing the panels to access the sub frame, irrespective of size and shape.

The sub frame can be fitted at 1800mm centres, reducing installation time and costs by up to 40% - a major factor when construction is carried out during the winter months.

Panels are CNC fabricated with tolerances of 0.5mm to give crisp lines when installed. Depending on the material, panels can be routed during the fabrication process to allow the outside face edges to meet, thereby achieving perfect square corners and sharp returns in the same way as ACM is processed.

Suitable Materials:

2mm & 3mm aluminium, ACM, CCM, ZCM, Stainless Steel, Cor-ten Galvanised Steel and lightweight stone.

Standard Finishes:

Natural finishes, Polyester Powder Coated (PPC), Anodised Silver and Bronze (pre & post treatments) and specially Engraving where the panels have to be an exact match.

Fabrication Limits:

Heights: 600mm to 2000mm (dependent on coil widths available)

Lengths from 900mm to 3000mm.

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